New Zealand Livin'

So I finally managed to put together an ensemble of pictures from my trip to New Zealand this August. Needless to say it was an extremely scenic experience full of beautiful views and dramatic landscapes. I managed to get to see the majority of the North Island from Wellington to New Plymouth, Taupo, Mount Maunganui, Hawkes Bay and Aukland. The winter weather wasn't too cruel and we were lucky to have 15ºc sunny days. It wasn't quite warm enough for surfing, unfortunately, but maybe next time I'll get to enjoy the summer weather which we were robbed of in Canada (angry tone). The trip was full of lots of scenic drives with me in the dj seat making sure the soundtrack was as good as the views around us and Reece in the drivers seat going way too fast and scaring the life out of me. Hopefully someday I can make it back to this beautiful place. For now, all I can manage to do is focus on my darn homework and keep myself from swan-diving out of my window.
More soon, this time I promise.
kisses to anyone who still reads this shit. (ha! hillary)