Oh, Dan Auerbach.

This week we went to see Dan Auerbach in concert at Webster Hall. The concert had quite a lot of hype (after friends in Toronto said how amazing it was) and we were not dissapointed. Would love it if the Black Keys would come the fuck to New York sometime soon. Thank youuuuuu
love d



Thank god for mothers. If mine hadn't come to visit and dragged me to Ikea in god-knows-the-hell-where-we-are-Brooklyn then my room would still look like a storage room. I think the boxes were actually starting to shelter families of mice. Anyhow it was time for a change and (yay) my piano arrived just in time. I hadn't realised how much I missed playing some tunes whenever life got a little tough. Now I can serenade my roommates till the wee hours of the morning. So stoked on the 68$ Gustav Klimt print that I found at Ikea by the way.
this song gets me through the day. Plus I like the video.
Oh! and I get to go home to my family on Friday. London first, Switzerland second. I couldn't be more excited.
kisses, or bisous! God I need to work on my french.