Thank god for mothers. If mine hadn't come to visit and dragged me to Ikea in god-knows-the-hell-where-we-are-Brooklyn then my room would still look like a storage room. I think the boxes were actually starting to shelter families of mice. Anyhow it was time for a change and (yay) my piano arrived just in time. I hadn't realised how much I missed playing some tunes whenever life got a little tough. Now I can serenade my roommates till the wee hours of the morning. So stoked on the 68$ Gustav Klimt print that I found at Ikea by the way.
this song gets me through the day. Plus I like the video.
Oh! and I get to go home to my family on Friday. London first, Switzerland second. I couldn't be more excited.
kisses, or bisous! God I need to work on my french.

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