Central Park After Dark.

If I could create my dream world, I don't think I could do a much better job than this. There would be endless Christmas lights, tall trees and and fairies and magic and all that good stuff. I get excited just thinking about it! Well I suppose at Tavern on the Green they are experts at turning fantasies into reality.
It's still incredibly warm here, if you're wondering who does this girl think she is wearing shorts? 16ºc on December 3rd, can you believe it? It makes me glad to think I'll miss the snow before heading to Whistler. That's where the snow really should be. It makes people happy there.
I'm pondering going to the John Lennon memorial on December 8th in Strawberry Fields. It will be 29 years since his death and I think it would be a memorable experience - even more so next year so that's another thought. The last photograph is of the Dakota.
Listened to this while I was writing, so maybe you should too!
I'm not even going to attempt to salute you in french. I am ashamed of what a year away from Switzerland has done.


Oh, Dan Auerbach.

This week we went to see Dan Auerbach in concert at Webster Hall. The concert had quite a lot of hype (after friends in Toronto said how amazing it was) and we were not dissapointed. Would love it if the Black Keys would come the fuck to New York sometime soon. Thank youuuuuu
love d



Thank god for mothers. If mine hadn't come to visit and dragged me to Ikea in god-knows-the-hell-where-we-are-Brooklyn then my room would still look like a storage room. I think the boxes were actually starting to shelter families of mice. Anyhow it was time for a change and (yay) my piano arrived just in time. I hadn't realised how much I missed playing some tunes whenever life got a little tough. Now I can serenade my roommates till the wee hours of the morning. So stoked on the 68$ Gustav Klimt print that I found at Ikea by the way.
this song gets me through the day. Plus I like the video.
Oh! and I get to go home to my family on Friday. London first, Switzerland second. I couldn't be more excited.
kisses, or bisous! God I need to work on my french.


New Zealand Livin'

So I finally managed to put together an ensemble of pictures from my trip to New Zealand this August. Needless to say it was an extremely scenic experience full of beautiful views and dramatic landscapes. I managed to get to see the majority of the North Island from Wellington to New Plymouth, Taupo, Mount Maunganui, Hawkes Bay and Aukland. The winter weather wasn't too cruel and we were lucky to have 15ºc sunny days. It wasn't quite warm enough for surfing, unfortunately, but maybe next time I'll get to enjoy the summer weather which we were robbed of in Canada (angry tone). The trip was full of lots of scenic drives with me in the dj seat making sure the soundtrack was as good as the views around us and Reece in the drivers seat going way too fast and scaring the life out of me. Hopefully someday I can make it back to this beautiful place. For now, all I can manage to do is focus on my darn homework and keep myself from swan-diving out of my window.
More soon, this time I promise.
kisses to anyone who still reads this shit. (ha! hillary)


A little clockwork.

This post has been a bit over-do. Well the move down to Florida went pretty smoothly. At first the thought of driving to Florida from Boston was crazy; but I think Danny and I had a good time =] We did it in two days and still made it home for dinner. Not long after we were there did my sister Cyndle come for a visit! It was a great week before we moved into the new loft in Tampa. We got to show Cyn the tree house and there were even some manatees to feed! Now that we're all settled into our new place I think some pictures will be up here soon. Ya'll will have to come and visit! Im missing my New York ladies. And of course...Fashion Week. (Danielle I expect some good pictures soon =] )
- Tyler


The Look Book: Cyndle Strawhecker

The Makeup Artist Who Hems Her Cutoffs

Makeup artist Cyndle Strawhecker calls her look "little-boy chic." The day our Video Look Book caught her, she wore a vintage boy's blazer, pants she had cut to make shorts (but not hairy cutoffs — she properly hemmed them), and a shirt she got on sale at Urban Outfitters for $9. And to top it all off: a Balenciaga bag! Get a closer look at her outfit in the Video Look Book.

(Click the link  above to see my big sis taking NYC by storm =]/ this is a post by the "Cut Fashion Blog" go Cyn!!)
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Dance, sister, dance.

There's nothing quite like dancing with your sister. Nevermind having a sister who can dance circles around you.
Going to miss this one. See you in New York in the fall!
big big big kisses.


Back to the simple life.

Sorry I have been HORRIBLE at posting. I bet you all have given up on me - I would have too.
In my defense, this is the first time I have been at the internet cafe for longer than a few minutes so I seized the opportunity to make a quick post.
These snaps were taken at the beginning of the summer - hence the pail faces and a hint of a ripe liver. My birthday was eventful to say the least, as the power was out for TWO DAYS! Nonetheless, despite my not-having-showered-in-I-won't-tell-you-how-many-days, we amused ourselves with board games (bored games) and group naps and a salon party when the power came back on. Luckily I had an abundance of candles at my house to provide light for a pretty great get together in the darkness. I think I'll make it a tradition.
More soon. I have to make the most of the beach before I take off for New Zealand!
kisses, D.



Eeeeeeeeek! See you this weeeeeeekend!
Thank you for linking me this. Here's a favourite.
 "I'm going to get drunk on champagne by myself"
"Oh no wait, my cat's here. Thank god, for a second there I sounded really sad."



Yesterday I designed this font for our client pitch next week. I would explain my artistic decisions but this is indeed a highly confidential project. 
If only I was that important. It was just something to do to preserve my sanity in the middle of the day when I was bored out of my mind at work. Anyone who knows illustrator at all knows that I nearly ripped my eyes out doing it but it was certainly better than starring at the wall or going on Quizilla all day. Surprisingly, it was still recognised in the meeting so maybe I have a career ahead of me as an intern.

kisses from the office.