All we need is 15˚C, maybe.

...and a wad of cash to be able to afford all of this. Whatever, I'll just pick up a knock off at Target. 



Top and bottom picture: Parsons students. Middle: Lula Magazine.
I neeeeeeed some summer. Anyone willing to fly me somewhere warm for a visit? It has been a good weekend so far - nice to explore Brooklyn's great music scene with some smaller shows in hidden places. My french has been slowly slipping lately but I have had the luck of meeting a new friend from France this week. Hopefully he will help me keep it up along with some good tracks from Coeur de Pirate that I have been looping lately.
kisses, D.


Friend compilation, part 1.

This weekend, my pal, Kristina came for a visit. We saw so much of the city in so little time! I mean, if you want to hit all the best shops, you have to be willing to go the distance! It was great to catch up and I had a lovely weekend. Who wants next visit?
kiss, D.


I went to Arizona this past weekend with my family because my Grandparents were renewing their vows on their 50th wedding anniversary! It was a nice get together with the entire family! My cousin and I shared our our own little Villa at this really neat resort. It was nice to see everyone. I did however miss everyone back in New York too =/ The weather was beautiful and the surroundings were amazing! Unfortunately, I did get very sick and laid in bed for a large amount of the time. But it was all worth it! Next stop: Florida! 
Xo- T

Happy Birthday Claudie Mabry.

Today was our friend, Claudie's "21st" Birthday at Ja'Bon down at St. Marks Place.  It was a cute little personal party that almost led to karaoke! Luckily the machine was broken... Later myself, Danielle, Danny and Alwayne wanted to go out so we took a cab to PLUMM but noticed no one was outside other than this is old grey man...So we walked home to 20th St. It's not so bad here =] 
much love,


Billy is my best friend.

Another great night with the family. After a big hearty mexican meal at Mary Ann's, we still managed to find some more space in our bellies for a Billy's run at 22h00. The best would be their red velvet cupcakes, but they tend to sell out of those that late at night! 
This weekend I have two lovely visitors coming to the big city. Lots to see, concerts to attend, yummy meals and many cocktails to be had! Now, I just have to make it through Thursday and Friday.


Stream of consciousness.

I very much enjoying being the photographer's assistant - especially with the weather being so lovely lately. L has chosen to represent her stream of consciousness via photographs for her visual diary class this semester. Consequently, I am being photographed a lot lately - eating, sleeping, breathing, being. Plus I get to snap the shots that she sets up and feel special. These were taken in Washington Square Park the other night.
Check out this tune that I have drained my iPod dry listening to.
kiss, D.

Sure, we sit in cafés alone.

As Leighanna's newest assignment was to observe trends of the cafe-goers at Paradise Cafe, she seemed to scare off everyone by taking pictures of them sans-permission. On the plus side, I did manage to get quite a bit of work done without all the noise.


Please warm up, New York.

Dear my 3$ shoes, 
Thank you for keeping my feet dry in the snow. As the snow is gone, I hope I will no longer be in need of your services. It has been a fun ride.
Sincerely, my feet.


It had become a weekly routine to dread Thursdays. First semester of lab class at Parsons always seemed to fall slightly short of my expectations. Yet I am starting to think that I might give second semester another chance. 
Next design challenge: re-design this iconic Rolling Stones, "Love You Live" (1977), original Andy Warhol cover to better suit the sound and image of the band. 
Bonus: Make your cover environmentally friendly. 
Yeah, no pressure. And yes, I brought this upon myself. 
Wish me luck!



My relatives lived here...why not me? Danny and I have come to the conclusion that once I'm successful and rich we're moving on down to Georgetown in Washington DC! Its a beautiful town fit for an American family! so...lets bring in the GAYS! ha. Its artsy, full of culture and great peoeple! Ive been thinking a lot about my future and its very unclear of what I want? But Georgetown is in my thoughts! Its seems just perfect! I  mean sure its not New York City, but I don't think it is my resting place!!! Think about it! =]
In other news, Danny and I painted our bedroom in Brooklyn! Its beautiful now! Feels just like a new home! Its exciting! Come over and check it out. Its full of comfortable life and FRIDA! I was walking to class one day en route to Parsons and I found a framed Frida picture in the TRASH! So I grabbed it and walked to class with it and brought it home =]


Pink Velvet.

It has been far too long since us girls hit the town. 
Always a fun time with you, L baby.
kiss, D.