Top and bottom picture: Parsons students. Middle: Lula Magazine.
I neeeeeeed some summer. Anyone willing to fly me somewhere warm for a visit? It has been a good weekend so far - nice to explore Brooklyn's great music scene with some smaller shows in hidden places. My french has been slowly slipping lately but I have had the luck of meeting a new friend from France this week. Hopefully he will help me keep it up along with some good tracks from Coeur de Pirate that I have been looping lately.
kisses, D.


Tjejsajten said...

These are so beautiful!! I had a summer tease over reading week by the pool in Arizona. It wasn't enough. . . I NEEDS ME SOME MORE SUN!

xo Lana

Anonymous said...

coeur de pirate is from quebec actually

Les Deux said...

oh i know, that's how i heard of them. canada represent. but they are giving me some good french practice.

Anonymous said...

ha ya canada represent. its one girl tho. she is 19.