Reason to celebrate.

Great snow in Whistler, and will only get better according to the forecast. The first two pictures were taken from the the new Peak 2 Peak lift that joins Whistler peak to Blackcomb. I've now been on it twice and it still scares me. 
Had a delicious dinner at the Skelly's house last night and it was lovely to meet the other half of their blog, Alexa. 
Haven't quite decided how to celebrate tonight. But for all those across the ocean back in La Suisse, 
Happy New Year!
Gros bisous. 


La joie.

So, the kick off to the holidays have been fun! Nice to be back with the family and a white Christmas was lovely. First day on the slopes today and man am I ever exhausted! We jumped in the hot tub right after a well deserved apres ski beer and I feel like I could go straight to bed. 
Cousin Heather and family were meant to arrive on Christmas day but thanks to this crazy weather their flights were cancelled! They should hopefully get up here Sunday night!


It never snows in Vancouver,

Liked these photos. Thought I would share. 
Maybe it was a silly idea to go out to a party in Brooklyn the night before my long flight. I have been napping all weekend to catch up on sleep! Finals week was brutal, hence the lack of posts, but we all made it through alive. 
Hope everyone's break is going well. Send me some news.
kiss, D
P.s. was slightly shocked to arrive to the biggest snowfall in Vancouver in 30 years. Hope some more makes it up to Whistler soon - could use a bit more up here on the slopes!


Just have to pack.

Found this picture on another site. Thought it was wonderful as it is the exact day I arrived and signed in at the Parsons building in New York City. 
Now there's just one more day of the semester and I am headed to Whistler at 4:30 AM on Saturday! 
Oh speaking of which, was a little spooked to read the story about the pole collapsing on that gondola in Whistler. Oh well, nothing will keep me from the slopes, it's been too darn long!
kiss, D 


Sixteen candles.

It's 1 AM in London, meaning my crazy little sister, Margot, is sixteen years old today! First year I'm not there to celebrate with her, but luckily I shopped all weekend and have a gift to give her first thing this weekend. 
Big kisses across the ocean. 
P.S. I dedicate this song to you.


If you have some spare time.

Go see Milk at the theatre if you want to see one hell of a movie and hear the incredible story of Harvey Milk.
Makes you wonder when this country is going to wake up and realise that it is unacceptable that in 31 states it is still legal to be fired for being gay. 
Check out the trailer here, I hope you dig.


If you seek Amy tonight.

Oh, we should maybe turn the flash on?

P.S. today, Tyler found some stellar vintage brown tap shoes for a steal of a deal and I snagged these pants for 10 bucks! I would feel bad, but I also bought my Mom her Christmas gift today, so my sins were cancelled out - math says so!


Hang in there.

Jeff Wall, Insomnia
Final projects are almost over.
P.S. Jeff Wall is possibly my favourite photographer. You'll be seeing more soon.
kiss, D


Oh so silly.

(click the link Hillary)


Beverage of Choice.

I am planning a come back tour! It'll be great! I have new photos and a lot to talk to about! I want to apologize for not being so up to date as my little Danielle has.  Give me just a little bit more time! Everything is going great! I have a lot of new news and just things to express to you guys =] I hope all is well with everyone
Just a quick update to our night tonight: A nice chill night doing some design homework with my girl Leighanna! Then the boyfriend and our girl Laura came over for a nice little night of hangout time.  Now its come down to Danielle, Scott, Daniel, Laura and myself =] its been a truly great night here at 20th street. I haven't had one in a while. Stay tuned ya'll.

Sobe Energy Drink.
A yumayuma lick, yumayumahaaaaaaa. 


Warm and toasty.

I even threw in some scented candles for you Brodes.

A special talent.

So I decided to show my best pal, Hillary, polyvore.com so that she could waste her life away like the rest of us do. Obviously her artwork is far too complex and is beyond comprehension to us mere humans. 
I hope you still love me. 
bisous bisous.

Oh heyyyyy there.

This lady does the best Sarah Palin impression hands down. 
And she's a beauty to boot!


Head, wear.

3D class always generates some fun creations. My pal Blair made the beautiful head piece I am sporting out of copper wire and a great amount of time and patience. I put her in my head piece made from some straws I bought at the dollar store and some gold wire. 
Wine calls! Happy weekend everyone. 
kiss, D.


Me? Mosa?

So yes, Mimosa by l'Occitane (yes that french soap shop), is my one true love. Apparently they have stopped running the product which has left me gutted and terrified of the day my last bottle runs out. Oh, I am prepared to spend large sums of money over the internet to get my hands on another dose.

Anyway, I learned a pretty coincidental piece of information today. Pantone has just released that Mimosa is their 2009 colour of the year. Hooray! Look who's "hip and with it." Plus I like any form of yellow on the runway. Gives me the summer gitters!

kiss, D.


A bit of this would be nice.

Wishlist? Maybe. Bored in class? Definitely.
P.S. that perfume has been the secret to my happiness for four years strong. 
Kiss, D

Quick fix.

It was nice to have a little break from the busy school routine. I was pleased, after a long journey, to arrive at the new home in London which is just as cozy as it looks through the Skype webcam. It was almost too comfortable as I plopped myself down on the couch and barely wanted to move the whole visit. A couple expeditions were made around the city but nothing major. It was great to see some old friends and have a night out to the English pub down the road where we were lucky enough to watch a pretty hoppin' Spice Girls impersonator group, (oh my).
Thanks for a relaxing weekend. 
kiss, D



Where are you? 
Get yourself on a plane and come home to me. 
I miss you!
xo D


More entertainment.

I have always found it pretty therapeutic to have some good tunes playing while I paint, or do any work for all that matter. But of course, being a child of the 21st century, I am always looking for bigger and better ways to entertain myself enough to be able to slip into a somewhat mindlessly efficient state where I do not realise how much work I am completing. For math, it was always Idioteque by Radiohead and art always changed depending on the daily mood. I recently stumbled upon some interesting looking online television on the Vice Magazine TV site.  Looks like they have some interesting programs to watch, or just listen to. Sounds like a good substitute for an audio book.
Happy multitasking!
xo D


La la London.

Seems there have been a lot of studio photo shoots going on lately. My mama Susan is taking photography at the London College of communications and asked me if I would help her with an assignment. So, off we went to the studio to snap some shots and share some laughs. She got quite a few good ones and it was lovely to be in a real studio! Kudos, Mom! I could get used to being pampered. I should come back every weekend. Home cooked meals are so much yummier than my own cooking.
xo D



I have not moved from my current position on this couch for more than two hours. This is what I made. It's a good thing I get to sit on a plane to London all day tomorrow. I don't think I would have the energy to do anything else.
Maybe I should go pack and stop procrastinating. Too bad I don't have this outfit to pack.
xo D

Little holiday hints.

There are always those little things that let us know Christmas is on its way.  Yesterday, much to my content, one of my favourite flea markets was set up and I browsed around for a while. While I was there, I heard my first Christmas carol of the year, (parum pa pum pum) playing on the antique radio at one of the booths. Not going to lie, I was slightly disappointed that it happened to be the Little Drummer Boy, (not one of my favourites), but nevertheless, it gave me a big smile that I sported the whole way home.

The weather has been pretty chilly lately. Freezing cold weather without snow doesn't seem fair in my opinion. I hope we get some of that fluffy white goodness soon. 
xo D


Take me back.

Photos by Caroline Jones

Oh, if I could be taken back in time, please take me back to this night. In October, Yelle graced New York with her presence and we jumped for joy and and snagged us some tickets. So, off went down to Webster Hall and meandered through the crowd until we were satisfied with our view. I, being somewhat vertically challenged, couldn't see a darn thing from the floor, so us ladies found a way to boost ourselves up onto a side platform giving us that stunner view in the first picture. I sang along as much as I could, but when she held her microphone out to the crowd, the Anglophone audience didn't quite have their french down. She had a good laugh about that. Of course she was called out for an encore, wearing a new outfit and looking magnifique!
Overall, we had a ball. Please come back to NYC, tu nous manques!
xo T&D


Non, je n'accepterai pas la blondeur.

                                             Photos by Leighanna Webb

So normally I don't impulse shop but I really couldn't help it today. Lab class was so unbearable this morning that a couple of the girls and I slipped out to H&M for a browse. I spotted this long navy dress and couldn't fight the urge. 80$ for a dress-up-garment didn't seem so bad. So what if I tried it on this evening and didn't take it off for a couple hours? Not much opportunity to be fancy around here lately. Maybe I should do some social networking and find some elegant soirees to attend.
And no chouchou, I am not, or was not, and never have been blonde. Tu m'entends Simon?