No big deal.

Last shot of my vacation from the top of Seventh Heaven on Blackhomb mountain, (just for your eyes Brodes).
Meanwhile, back in my wee little room, I have been enjoying the comfort of online reruns and cozy slippers before the homework groove picks up. It has been lovely to have some time to catch up with some pals after my five weeks of hibernation. 
Now that I've reaped winter for all it's got, this cold weather needs to beat it. The long windy walk to school is certainly not helping my itching summer weather craving. Summer this year should be nothing shy of eventful. With mine and Brodie's, both elaborate and extensive, to-do list, I struggle to believe I will have any time for some shut-eye. Here it is, just incase we miss something.

Summer 2009:
  • Walk around the entire perimeter of Victoria Beach, including Elk island and any other obstacles, (making sufficient rest breaks along the way). 
  • Make hand-made periogies.
  • HP marathon, (along with many other movies).
  • Trekk down to the city to watch HP 6 in theatres. 
  • Eat: 
a) carrots and almond butter
b) avocado
c) blueberries (in any form, or by themselves)
d) all of the above, combined, if you feel like a daredevil. 
  • Paint a few masterpieces, "one for my room and one for yours."
Future summers:
  • Road trip across America to the HP amusement park in Florida, no big deal. 
Time for bed! Pilates was exhausting.

Something else.

Take a peak!


Whistle while you work.

After a full day of work, my little dorm room is now clean. Couldn't help but capture this rare moment on film.
With class starting tomorrow, it will no doubt be cluttered with art supplies and works in progress.
The homework rush begins tomorrow. Can't say I'm not excited to start my new classes.



So here I am in busy New York City. Three sirens have gone off in the last 10 minutes and endless car horns and loud engines - not that I am keeping track or anything. Quite a big difference from my tranquil home in the mountains. My body may have been thrust into fast-paced city life but my mind is still clean, seeming to be still breathing in the fresh air of the outdoors. I guess that's what is known as culture shock. Funny to be experiencing such a feeling in the security of my own room. 
Stole these pictures from Lula Magazine
It may be a couple days before I wake up. Luckily school doesn't start until Tuesday!
kiss, D.


Reset your relaxation button.

So here we are. Still in Whistler. Who'd have thought this place would have been such a blast that we would delay getting back to the real world for a couple of days? Thanks to our lovely new Kiwi friends, we have decided to head back to New York City next weekend. School life, cell-phone-bill-paying, apartment hunting and all the hustle and bustle can wait for another week.
kisses from D & L


Blue? No, Bleu.

Tasty dinner on the menu tonight. Perfect for three hungry riders.
I think I hear my tummy groaning,
big Swiss kiss.


Elizabeth and James.

Although I do love the Whistler stee, I do miss my New York wardrobe and my Elizabeth and James blazer (that looks much like this one). Thank you Bloomingdales' holiday sales!
kiss, D.


Edna is my Grandma's name.

In two months today, my lover Hillary will be visiting me in New York. 
Get ready for some of this...

...some of this...

...and some of this...

D: "let's do tradsies."
H: "tradsies?"
D: "tradesies."
H: "?"
D: "hahaha."
H: "k, but what's tradesies."
D: "like trade, sies."
H: "okay but trade what?"
D: "places, like i left, now you leave."
D: "you totally ruined it now."
H: "sorry."

D: "are you long and thin?"
H: "fo sho."
D: "word."
H: "and you?"
D: "nope, short and fat."

H: "hiii."
D: "it sounds funny when you chew a cookie with headphones in."
H: "i know. i love it."

D: "whaaaaaaat"
H: "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat"
H: "?"
H" "what are you whatting about?"
D: "wait, what?"


Lula Lu.

So lately I've been getting my quick fix from Lula Magazine. The photography is magnificent. I urge you to take a peak. My next step: collect enough money to afford a subscription.
Sorry about the lack of posts - everyone needs a nice chunk of family time. I'm on my own for a couple days until my old friend, Jeremy, and my roomsh, Leighanna get up here to keep me company. Part two of my Whistler visit will commence in a couple days. For the meantime, I have rented bundles of old movies and am currently curled up on the couch watching "Once". Amazing duets and cute Irish accents. Perrrrrrfect for a cozy afternoon.
kiss, D.


Begin anew.

It was a big year, 2008. Hope everyone had a memorable night.