So here I am in busy New York City. Three sirens have gone off in the last 10 minutes and endless car horns and loud engines - not that I am keeping track or anything. Quite a big difference from my tranquil home in the mountains. My body may have been thrust into fast-paced city life but my mind is still clean, seeming to be still breathing in the fresh air of the outdoors. I guess that's what is known as culture shock. Funny to be experiencing such a feeling in the security of my own room. 
Stole these pictures from Lula Magazine
It may be a couple days before I wake up. Luckily school doesn't start until Tuesday!
kiss, D.


Sunniva said...

Gorgeous photos! So peaceful. x

Fleurr De Lux said...

i loooove lula, it's so hard to find it here! i have all my old copies stockpiled for instant-girly-girl-gratification.

beautiful photos. you can come breath some fresh air in winnipeg and i'll go to ny for you! (i'm so kind, i know!!)

xo Lan