Lula Lu.

So lately I've been getting my quick fix from Lula Magazine. The photography is magnificent. I urge you to take a peak. My next step: collect enough money to afford a subscription.
Sorry about the lack of posts - everyone needs a nice chunk of family time. I'm on my own for a couple days until my old friend, Jeremy, and my roomsh, Leighanna get up here to keep me company. Part two of my Whistler visit will commence in a couple days. For the meantime, I have rented bundles of old movies and am currently curled up on the couch watching "Once". Amazing duets and cute Irish accents. Perrrrrrfect for a cozy afternoon.
kiss, D.


Anonymous said...

I hate Glen Hansard with a passion. But I love Falling Slowly. It pleases my ears.

josephine macintosh said...

heyy danielle, it's josephine - was just looking randomly at your blog and yess! lula magazine is awesome, no? they already have a new issue out? =D ....its hard to find it here, in naville though,.. but at like 20.-! hope all's wellxxx

natalie said...

once and lula are two very great things