Eeeeeeeeek! See you this weeeeeeekend!
Thank you for linking me this. Here's a favourite.
 "I'm going to get drunk on champagne by myself"
"Oh no wait, my cat's here. Thank god, for a second there I sounded really sad."



Yesterday I designed this font for our client pitch next week. I would explain my artistic decisions but this is indeed a highly confidential project. 
If only I was that important. It was just something to do to preserve my sanity in the middle of the day when I was bored out of my mind at work. Anyone who knows illustrator at all knows that I nearly ripped my eyes out doing it but it was certainly better than starring at the wall or going on Quizilla all day. Surprisingly, it was still recognised in the meeting so maybe I have a career ahead of me as an intern.

kisses from the office.