I need a new wallet.

Soooo, I need to get myself a new wallet. Not that I have anything to put in it yet (it got stolen last week - thanks mister!). Unfortunately, I can't afford any of these (except the one with the silver bow - yay for forever 21!). It's nice to dream though right?



Print design homework is the only fun homework I have this semester. Good thing its super fun! Wow, I'm such a loser. Oh, last night we went to a Ninja restaurant where you have to walk down the "Ninja Trail" to your table and the waitors jump out and scare you and you think you're going to be assassinated just for taking a bite of food! I am surprisingly totally glad I paid money to have the bejesus scared outta me! Themed restaurants are pretty fun, anyone want to join me at Jekyll and Hyde next?

Angst about technology.

Internet routers and schmouters are only a little frustrating. You can tell by the dust that we don't venture into those woods very often. Had to make this for class and enjoyed venting for a while. I can't stop watching Freaks and Geeks reruns. I really need to do something more productive, but I am too. addicted. to. doing. nothing. I'm even blogging again!