Welcome home.

It has been a LONG weekend. After 3 days of apartment hunting like crazy, we have finally found a place that we love on Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The neighborhood is great with so much going on and we have tons of space for visitors.
Anyone interested?


Fashioning Felt.

I finally made it home last night after a long struggle with customs and borders that I was not permitted to cross. Lesson learned: never, ever leave your passport on the plane(at least if you want to keep your sanity in check). I will make it out to Switzerland soon though. This spring break just wasn't the time I suppose. Oh well, I got a couple of extra days in with the family in London so I can't complain much.
We made a quick trip up to the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum today to see the Fashioning Felt exhibition. Overall, I very much enjoyed it and was particularly mesmerised by this room draped with felt fibres. Too bad we weren't allowed to take pictures, so I had to steal these off google. You can view more photos on the museum website. 
It's meant to be 18ºC tomorrow. Time for bare legs! Hooray!


Sista, sista.

Tu me cherches? 
All my love,
big D.


Lovely Spring!

Who knew that the weather would be so lovely in London this week? My Mama, Libby and I went for a walk in St. James park the other day and had a good dose of Spring flowers and sunshine. So far the sun has been out every day of my visit and I am loving it! 

kisses, D.



Last night in London was a highlight and we even managed to take some snapshots! Libby has come down for a visit and it has been great being at home with the family. Too bad Spring Break always has to come to an end. 
More news and highlights soon!


Spot friends. L word.

So, someone has been terrible at keeping this blog up to date, *ahem, me*. Sorry for the lack of posts everyone, midterm week has taken it's toll on my energy levels. 
This past weekend with H was wonderfully lazy and just what I needed. We made it out one night to Brooklyn but the majority of the time laying around, visiting and eating pad thai. I will be in London next week so hopefully this homesick feeling in my tummy will soon be gone!
On another note, I threw in a picture of some of The L Word cast, (try and guess which one), as the show released its last episode EVER this week. Mariel and I almost died last night watching it, however, we remain unsatisfied with the open ended murder/suicide of the late, but still fabulous, Ms. Jennifer Schector. We should be sporting some "I Killed Jenny" t-shirts pretty soon, so keep an eye out. Here is a song dedication to the show from Leisha Hailey's (Alice's) band Uh Huh Her.
kisses, D.



So last weekend I went to my favourite little antique market on 25th street to collect some materials for my mood board for my 2D project. I picked up a few little trinkets for a total of 20 dollars and left feeling like a happy camper. Here are a few photos of my discoveries. 
On another note, my best pal, Hillary, is landing - oh wait - right now (!) into JFK. I am waiting for her to call me and get her cute little butt over here and give me a hug. It has been a long 7 months without you!



So, my fellow artsy friend Frida, (left) posted this incredible album on Facebook the other day of her and her twin-seperated-at-birth Aubrey. I just haaaad to ask her if I could share a few of the many lovely photos. She is at school at Central St. Martins in London and plans to enter into the fashion design program. I have no doubts about her as her clothes and illustrations that she made for our IB exhibition were incredible to say the least!
big kiss from across the ocean,