So, my fellow artsy friend Frida, (left) posted this incredible album on Facebook the other day of her and her twin-seperated-at-birth Aubrey. I just haaaad to ask her if I could share a few of the many lovely photos. She is at school at Central St. Martins in London and plans to enter into the fashion design program. I have no doubts about her as her clothes and illustrations that she made for our IB exhibition were incredible to say the least!
big kiss from across the ocean,


Tjejsajten said...

wooooooow i thought that was one person who had photoshop skills. i like the looks of your across the pond pals, bring 'em around some time.

Mariel said...

I am jealous you have such cute friends

michael said...

this is amasing I miss frida so much and our art class. its funy how her brother is dating the one person that looks identical to her
miss u D