This is for Mariel inspired by her last post.
Aren't balloons great?


Camden town.

The past few days, I have made several trips up to the Camden market and have been finding some cool things. My friend Patricia was in town visiting and it was si bien de la voir! Tonight we went back to the area for the Black Lips concert which was a really good time. This morning I went into the studio with Mama for a photo shoot so those pictures should be up soon!
I'm getting the VB itch. Are you?


Good night and goodnight.

Remember Mariel's (and Hillary's) first trip to Brooklyn? How scared she was? Now she can't get enough - "obvi". Stole these photos from Sophia's handy cell phone pictures and smiled while remembering a good night 
Speaking of good nights, I think it's about time for me to wish you one... wherever you might be, (LA in China, Mariel in Vermont, Hillary in Bali and Sophia in BK to name a few)!
kisses, D


Sitting at JFK International Airport waiting for my plane to arrive! Im heading back to Florida this weekend for a Graduation extravaganza! Happy Graduation Austin!! Its going to be pretty nice to get away yet again to one of my favorite places ever!



Guess who?

I get to see Libby tomorrow! I made this for youuuu. I made it from the photo of us in the flowers from Spring break. 
So excited!
kisses, D.



Well I finally managed to pack up my room for the summer! I must admit, although I consider myself quite the expert at packing, this trip was quite a challenge. I had to pack enough clothing to cover lounging at home, partying, beaching and finally winter weather in New Zealand. I think I pretty much packed my whole wardrobe. Don't judge me! 
I can't wait to see everyone! 
kisses, D.

Scrapbook your clothes.

So so happy final projects are over. Although I did have fun learning how to use a sewing machine, I am having quite a bit more fun taking a break from it.


I am

at the airport. See you soon family! Tried to upload a picture but my flickr is broken. Next time! 
Miss you New York family already.
love D 
(haha Sophia, please catch on).


Every thursday...

Consists of:
  • Not getting enough sleep because Mariel sleeps over and we watch too many movies like The Princess Bride.
  • Ice cream sandwiches for breakfast
  • Squeezing onto the L train
  • Being late for class
  • Lunch at the cafeteria ("daddy pays")
  • Chocolate milk
  • Blogging instead of work
  • Discovering 15,000 hidden photos that you thought you had been moving onto your hard drive since 2004 to clear up space on your laptop. 
This week's highlight: 
  • My two roommates turning up with 3 new tattoos communally. (Leighanna's shown above)
Only 1 thursday left! Best to go out with a bang next week.
(stole these pics from Mariel - thank you!)


And the sun shone.

Remember those couple days last week when it was above 30 degrees celsius? Oh and when we had the privilege to doggie-sit Bean? I wish we still had both of those things.
Got these pictures off Leighanna's computer but I did snap a few of the shots so I don't feel so horrible.
Oh by the way, meet my roommates - Sophia, Pallas and Leighanna. With Pallas was staying longer but London calls right?



Here, and now.

The near and hopeful future. 

My first year here in New York is quickly coming to an end.  Its crazy to think how the move here was just last August and I'm ready to move froward yet again.  If it weren't for Danny making his move up here to take part in my experience and truly make it our own, I'm not sure what exactly this year would have brought me.  Its been fun, annoying, crazy, exciting and at times very draining. And now we're ready to make our next move and I couldn't be more excited! Taking everything I've learned here and all the great people (and yes the not so great ones too) with me, I've realized a lot of things about people and myself.  It's  a tough City and I know I can handle it, but why should someone be forced to "handle" something when there is always an alternative? Well, this post is just going and going and I blame it on the rainy day! 
New York City, Out-


Les deux sur un toit.

As terrifying as it is to get up on to our new roof, I think it is definitely worth the life-risking climb. We took these photos over the weekend when it was still remotely nice outside.
I quote from the weather man today: "Well, if you're fed up with this cloudy, humid weather, get ready for another few days of it folks!" What a jackass.
The last picture is a shot of my friend Ben and I, and I am delighted to announce that he will be moving in with us in the fall! He seems to be just what us three girls need around the house.
Soon final projects will be over and a whole year at Parsons will be finally complete. Next stop is London before heading to VB for the summer. Then maybe I'll slip away at the end to New Zealand to pay Reece a visit.
So I suppose I have but two weeks to wait out until this summer of wonder begins. 
On the agenda:
take-out salmon sandwiches
sleepovers with Mariel
celebrating (hopefully)
Bear with me New York.


"And I haven't even had any professional dance training!"

I forfeit, you guys win!