Every thursday...

Consists of:
  • Not getting enough sleep because Mariel sleeps over and we watch too many movies like The Princess Bride.
  • Ice cream sandwiches for breakfast
  • Squeezing onto the L train
  • Being late for class
  • Lunch at the cafeteria ("daddy pays")
  • Chocolate milk
  • Blogging instead of work
  • Discovering 15,000 hidden photos that you thought you had been moving onto your hard drive since 2004 to clear up space on your laptop. 
This week's highlight: 
  • My two roommates turning up with 3 new tattoos communally. (Leighanna's shown above)
Only 1 thursday left! Best to go out with a bang next week.
(stole these pics from Mariel - thank you!)


hillaryloves said...

id like to hear more about these hidden photos? i bet i have them too hahah

mariel18 said...

Um. You never checked one. I wish you would reply to my notes. pft.

Your hair does not look red.