Here, and now.

The near and hopeful future. 

My first year here in New York is quickly coming to an end.  Its crazy to think how the move here was just last August and I'm ready to move froward yet again.  If it weren't for Danny making his move up here to take part in my experience and truly make it our own, I'm not sure what exactly this year would have brought me.  Its been fun, annoying, crazy, exciting and at times very draining. And now we're ready to make our next move and I couldn't be more excited! Taking everything I've learned here and all the great people (and yes the not so great ones too) with me, I've realized a lot of things about people and myself.  It's  a tough City and I know I can handle it, but why should someone be forced to "handle" something when there is always an alternative? Well, this post is just going and going and I blame it on the rainy day! 
New York City, Out-