Les deux sur un toit.

As terrifying as it is to get up on to our new roof, I think it is definitely worth the life-risking climb. We took these photos over the weekend when it was still remotely nice outside.
I quote from the weather man today: "Well, if you're fed up with this cloudy, humid weather, get ready for another few days of it folks!" What a jackass.
The last picture is a shot of my friend Ben and I, and I am delighted to announce that he will be moving in with us in the fall! He seems to be just what us three girls need around the house.
Soon final projects will be over and a whole year at Parsons will be finally complete. Next stop is London before heading to VB for the summer. Then maybe I'll slip away at the end to New Zealand to pay Reece a visit.
So I suppose I have but two weeks to wait out until this summer of wonder begins. 
On the agenda:
take-out salmon sandwiches
sleepovers with Mariel
celebrating (hopefully)
Bear with me New York.

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