No big deal.

Last shot of my vacation from the top of Seventh Heaven on Blackhomb mountain, (just for your eyes Brodes).
Meanwhile, back in my wee little room, I have been enjoying the comfort of online reruns and cozy slippers before the homework groove picks up. It has been lovely to have some time to catch up with some pals after my five weeks of hibernation. 
Now that I've reaped winter for all it's got, this cold weather needs to beat it. The long windy walk to school is certainly not helping my itching summer weather craving. Summer this year should be nothing shy of eventful. With mine and Brodie's, both elaborate and extensive, to-do list, I struggle to believe I will have any time for some shut-eye. Here it is, just incase we miss something.

Summer 2009:
  • Walk around the entire perimeter of Victoria Beach, including Elk island and any other obstacles, (making sufficient rest breaks along the way). 
  • Make hand-made periogies.
  • HP marathon, (along with many other movies).
  • Trekk down to the city to watch HP 6 in theatres. 
  • Eat: 
a) carrots and almond butter
b) avocado
c) blueberries (in any form, or by themselves)
d) all of the above, combined, if you feel like a daredevil. 
  • Paint a few masterpieces, "one for my room and one for yours."
Future summers:
  • Road trip across America to the HP amusement park in Florida, no big deal. 
Time for bed! Pilates was exhausting.


Krystal said...

oh...my..word! you just put the ski'ing bug in me. I haven't gone in way too long but that picture is gorgeous and now that's all i want to do!

hillaryloves said...

did you know that youre a really big loser? eating avocado? hahhaha i love youuuuuu