Edna is my Grandma's name.

In two months today, my lover Hillary will be visiting me in New York. 
Get ready for some of this...

...some of this...

...and some of this...

D: "let's do tradsies."
H: "tradsies?"
D: "tradesies."
H: "?"
D: "hahaha."
H: "k, but what's tradesies."
D: "like trade, sies."
H: "okay but trade what?"
D: "places, like i left, now you leave."
D: "you totally ruined it now."
H: "sorry."

D: "are you long and thin?"
H: "fo sho."
D: "word."
H: "and you?"
D: "nope, short and fat."

H: "hiii."
D: "it sounds funny when you chew a cookie with headphones in."
H: "i know. i love it."

D: "whaaaaaaat"
H: "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat"
H: "?"
H" "what are you whatting about?"
D: "wait, what?"


Marg said...

HHAHAHAHAHHAA oh deary those convos are great

michael said...

those be some nice butts
heheh miss u guys