Take me back.

Photos by Caroline Jones

Oh, if I could be taken back in time, please take me back to this night. In October, Yelle graced New York with her presence and we jumped for joy and and snagged us some tickets. So, off went down to Webster Hall and meandered through the crowd until we were satisfied with our view. I, being somewhat vertically challenged, couldn't see a darn thing from the floor, so us ladies found a way to boost ourselves up onto a side platform giving us that stunner view in the first picture. I sang along as much as I could, but when she held her microphone out to the crowd, the Anglophone audience didn't quite have their french down. She had a good laugh about that. Of course she was called out for an encore, wearing a new outfit and looking magnifique!
Overall, we had a ball. Please come back to NYC, tu nous manques!
xo T&D


Fleurr De Lux said...

i, too, can't be on the floor at concerts. rush seating is bad news for us little gals.

hillaryloves said...

Haha D you still missed one...