So Chelsea Piers is a sinking ship?

Yes it's true. Soon we might not have a place to escape to in the middle of the night to get our nature fix. The four of us had ventured off at 1AM to sit in the beautiful park and stare out across the Hudson River at New Jersey. Unfortunately, our favourite sitting spot was closed for the night so we were pretty disappointed. Luckily we found some cool places along the way to goof around in. It has been crazy warm out this last week so I was even a little toasty in a scarf (my new favourite find) and sweater.  Meanwhile, Tyler and gang were off trying to find a way into the Benny Benassi concert in Midtown. 
Speaking of Tyler, the poor boy has been working hard and playing hard lately. His new job works long hours and he is certainly burning the candle from both ends with quite a large amount of essays for school. New routines are tough as we all know, so we should be hearing more from him soon.
Miss you T-Straw. 
xo D 

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