Cut my hair, bitch.

So maybe I was wrong in thinking that I'd find a cheaper hair cut in NYC than what I was used to en Suisse. It is in fact impossible to find a decent looking haircut for less than $100 in this crazy city. So us poor art students have resorted to frequent visits to the Betsey Leighanna Barbershop. Tonight, much to our surprise, the only person miss Leighanna managed to injure in the process was herself. On top of that amusing fact, miss Hana ended up with quite a beautiful 'do!
Y'all should come by for a visit. Oh, and she only accepts payments in wheat thins and/or sex (not the low sodium kind). 
xo D


Scott Bunner said...

im pissed i wasnt home!

Fleurr De Lux said...

Low Sodium sex?? Ha ha i kid, I kid. At home haircuts are the best. It's exhilarating not knowing if you're going to look like a beauty of a beast when it's done.
xo L