There's this place I like to go to.

So my friend Kelsey and I recently discovered this wonderful flea market on W 25th Street. We have made frequent trips to the indoor market close by, but this outdoor one was definitely one gem of a find. So far it has just been small purchases like purses and these great brown leather boots but I can't wait to go back for some chairs and tables to furnish my home next year. I have my eye on a white painted wooden vanity desk.  Too bad I have a feeling this market is seasonal. Soon it should be too cold for those poor vendors to be sitting outside all day. 
xo D


Liv said...

I wish we had flea markets like that in Australia. We don't have anything even remotely similar. =/

Anonymous said...

Totally have to visit this when kitting out my gaff

Anonymous said...

je veux aussi!!

Chip said...

I swear that was in a movie... I just can't think of which one.

cara said...

I keep coming back to this post time, and time again.
That sectional blue velvet corner piece is outta this world. I fucking love furniture. Take me to this place.