Can't seem to sleep =/

Here we go boys and girls.

It is 2:35 a.m on November 4th 2008! Its a bit of a scary day. Not sure how I feel about everything. I heard some teachers and students talking today about how their expecting some pretty weird things to go down today; riots, mean gays (Go Hillary) angry old people and all those Obama folks do whatever it is they even do.  Stay tuned guys. If anything crazy goes down, we'll be sure to capture it all...or as much as we can ;) 
Perhaps I'll sit in my cozy lofted bed and look down on 8th Ave and not partake in the rioting...even though it's kind of my thing.

On another note...
 remember when I looked like K-Fed this summer/into the school year?

I'll leave ya'll with this one for the night.
well morning.
xo T-Straw

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