I'm all dressed up and I'm ready to play.

Scheming boys.

Seriously, who has the time or energy anymore for hitting the club dance floor? While some of you feistier kittens may be tough enough to brave the outside world, we have been perfectly content lately with stay-at-home partying. So another trip was made to Danny's in Brooklyn a few Saturdays back for some nice quality bonding time together over cocktails and great tunes, (the black theme was for kicks).  Many photos were taken, as we all know alcohol tends to bring out our creative sides and Scott brought some of his colleagues from Buckler to meet the gang. 
All in all, a very successful night and some yummy left over Halloween candy to go with it.
xo T&D

p.s. the title was stolen from a great track that everyone should check out. 

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Fleurr De Lux said...

Loving the black theme. I've gone Goth lately and I always look like I'm going to a funeral. Maybe I am.