Probably one of the most handy things to have in your NYC survival kit is an iPod loaded with tunes that get you excited about walking. Thanks to my handy step counter on my cell phone, I am now aware of how much I actually walk in a day. Try 10+ kilometers in a 24 hour period. Needless to say I am always searching for my new favourite walking tune. This one has been my ultimate favourite for the past couple days. The calmer intro is just short enough that by the time I make the move to change to another song, the upbeat part starts again and I end up listening to it a second, third or fourth time before I force myself to change the song. 


maxime.staudenmann said...

Je kiff, c'est trankil...

Fleurr De Lux said...

oh my god i want to go walking now
you should download the new ladyhawke album (if you haven't). i walk to it -- it's good.

Les Deux said...

ooh will do!
thanks maymay

Anonymous said...

best song ever :)
come together is <3 too!!
see you soon on skype honey