Very, very good weekend.
On Friday night I trekked up to Canada visiting some of my friends at the University of Western Ontario, hence the lack of posts. (Sorry!) A trip to see my ladies from Toronto, Jackie and Kristina and some of the crazy boys from VB was the perfect way to escape from the busy city for a while. 
Somehow I think I may have forgotten over the past 4 years that it snows in Canada. It's been a good while since I've had to tough out a cold Canadian winter and I made the silly mistake of packing my converse and  my vintage loafers with holes in the sole. Kudos me. 
Scott, Brodie and Mark were very nice to host us in their lovely home and feed me breakfast one morning. A big thank you to Brodie for driving our lazy asses around all weekend. It was also great seeing Chris and Riley on in their huge house on Saturday night and even Michael Pollard made a few cameo appearances. We listened to lots of Girl Talk in the car, which I guess makes up for the fact that I missed out on the concert in NYC this weekend. Boo!
I guess you can call me a blogger amateur for not bringing my camera along for the ride. But in my defense, my big Nikon wouldn't have fit in my carry on! 
To all my darling hosts this weekend, here is one for you.
Much, much love. 
xo D

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