Non, je n'accepterai pas la blondeur.

                                             Photos by Leighanna Webb

So normally I don't impulse shop but I really couldn't help it today. Lab class was so unbearable this morning that a couple of the girls and I slipped out to H&M for a browse. I spotted this long navy dress and couldn't fight the urge. 80$ for a dress-up-garment didn't seem so bad. So what if I tried it on this evening and didn't take it off for a couple hours? Not much opportunity to be fancy around here lately. Maybe I should do some social networking and find some elegant soirees to attend.
And no chouchou, I am not, or was not, and never have been blonde. Tu m'entends Simon?


maxime.staudenmann said...

le français, c'est claaaaasssseeee!

Fleurr De Lux said...

danielle, you are a beauty. and so is your frock.

xoxo L

Ashleigh said...

Love the glasses!