Bitchy kitty.

Take caution when meeting...

...Betsy Leighanna Webb or Kitty Kat. (yes with a K)

Who was it that said "the street is not your runway?"
Sure Chelsea is a fun neighborhood to venture out in...but we decided to take our trip up to the Meat Packing District tonight.  From looking at beautiful apartments in the West Village, to observing the life of a homeless man in his shopping cart, we decided we really do love New York.  I gave a poor man a cigarette and a rich woman a dirty look.  We froze our noses off and warmed our hands as much as we could then the words of Scott, "Im tired, we're going back" lead us to our happy little home at 20th street. 

The expression "Your eyes were bigger than your stomach!" was not the case tonight...or really any night.  We ordered a large cheese pizza with green peppers on it for the five of us.  It was beautiful.  Sitting around singing Lady Gaga and attempting to watch Two Guys One Horse (so god damn nasty) are the nights we big ladies call "girls night in." With homework on the back burner we sat and talked about nothing for a few hours, and although we did get that extra hour of time today, we can all agree it will be spent painting, writing, traveling, or trying to find our hard drive.  Goodnight everyone...well good morning now =] 
xo T&D


Fleurr De Lux said...

Yaaaay! Welcome to the bog-o-sphere.
Love love love
ps. ha ha your verification word is "boinga"!!

Anonymous said...

I love Lady Gaga! Can I live with you guys?