A violent, yet flammable world.

So I got a pretty neat assignment today for 2D. The task at hand is to make a poster for a band/ artist of choice on the computer using no text, practicing transparency and layering. I went through my iTunes and searched images on google for hours until I came across these great pictures of Au Revoir Simone and thought they would be perfect. These three talented ladies are from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which I have considered as a possible home for next year. Of course it's far too early to go apartment hunting, but I can't help peaking on websites at some of those dreamy studios in Soho! All I know is I have to find a place with lots of floor space to fit a couple blow-up mattresses so you kids can come visit.
 xo D

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Fleurr De Lux said...

I love the photos, you've got a good eye for these things young lady.
p.s. i call a square of that floor...