Beverage of Choice.

I am planning a come back tour! It'll be great! I have new photos and a lot to talk to about! I want to apologize for not being so up to date as my little Danielle has.  Give me just a little bit more time! Everything is going great! I have a lot of new news and just things to express to you guys =] I hope all is well with everyone
Just a quick update to our night tonight: A nice chill night doing some design homework with my girl Leighanna! Then the boyfriend and our girl Laura came over for a nice little night of hangout time.  Now its come down to Danielle, Scott, Daniel, Laura and myself =] its been a truly great night here at 20th street. I haven't had one in a while. Stay tuned ya'll.

Sobe Energy Drink.
A yumayuma lick, yumayumahaaaaaaa. 

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Scott Bunner said...

yummy. sobe and vodka. :)