Me? Mosa?

So yes, Mimosa by l'Occitane (yes that french soap shop), is my one true love. Apparently they have stopped running the product which has left me gutted and terrified of the day my last bottle runs out. Oh, I am prepared to spend large sums of money over the internet to get my hands on another dose.

Anyway, I learned a pretty coincidental piece of information today. Pantone has just released that Mimosa is their 2009 colour of the year. Hooray! Look who's "hip and with it." Plus I like any form of yellow on the runway. Gives me the summer gitters!

kiss, D.


Fleurr De Lux said...

haha i always knew you were with-it!!

Libby Bramston said...

wow that perfume reminds me so much of you. Danielle come home for xmas seriously! it wont be the same without you there :(