My relatives lived here...why not me? Danny and I have come to the conclusion that once I'm successful and rich we're moving on down to Georgetown in Washington DC! Its a beautiful town fit for an American family! so...lets bring in the GAYS! ha. Its artsy, full of culture and great peoeple! Ive been thinking a lot about my future and its very unclear of what I want? But Georgetown is in my thoughts! Its seems just perfect! I  mean sure its not New York City, but I don't think it is my resting place!!! Think about it! =]
In other news, Danny and I painted our bedroom in Brooklyn! Its beautiful now! Feels just like a new home! Its exciting! Come over and check it out. Its full of comfortable life and FRIDA! I was walking to class one day en route to Parsons and I found a framed Frida picture in the TRASH! So I grabbed it and walked to class with it and brought it home =]

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