Central Park After Dark.

If I could create my dream world, I don't think I could do a much better job than this. There would be endless Christmas lights, tall trees and and fairies and magic and all that good stuff. I get excited just thinking about it! Well I suppose at Tavern on the Green they are experts at turning fantasies into reality.
It's still incredibly warm here, if you're wondering who does this girl think she is wearing shorts? 16ºc on December 3rd, can you believe it? It makes me glad to think I'll miss the snow before heading to Whistler. That's where the snow really should be. It makes people happy there.
I'm pondering going to the John Lennon memorial on December 8th in Strawberry Fields. It will be 29 years since his death and I think it would be a memorable experience - even more so next year so that's another thought. The last photograph is of the Dakota.
Listened to this while I was writing, so maybe you should too!
I'm not even going to attempt to salute you in french. I am ashamed of what a year away from Switzerland has done.

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